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Lao, sometimes referred to as Laotian is a Kra–Dai language and the language of the ethnic Lao people. There will be 3 million of the more than 20 million worldwide speakers live in Laos. Modern Lao (language) is heavily influenced by the Thai language. The letters of the Lao alphabet are very similar to the Thai alphabet, which has the same roots. To the outside observer they can be differentiated by the more circular style of writing in Lao. In Lao, words are not separated from each other by spaces. Commas are used for minor pauses in sentences, and major pauses are indicated by a period. A vast number of technical terms as well as common usage are adopted directly from Thai. Like other Tai languages, Lao is a tonal language and has a complex system of relational markers. Spoken Lao is mutually intelligible with Thai and Isan, fellow Southwestern Tai languages, to such a degree that their speakers are able to effectively communicate with one another speaking their respective languages. These languages are written with slightly different scripts but are linguistically similar and effectively form a dialect continuum. Although there is no official standard, the Vientiane dialect became the de facto standard language in the second-half of the 20th century.

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