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The Korean language is an East Asian language spoken by about 80 million people. With the rapid development of Korea’s economy, KOREAN is becoming a more and more important language in many fields. The Korean writing system called “Hangul” is created in the fifteenth century in the period of King Sejong of the Joseon dynasty. In contrast to other Asian languages such as Japanese or Chinese, many English words used in Korean almost retain their original pronunciations. In the near future, many of the biggest movies, the biggest stars and the biggest boy and girl groups singing and dancing to the biggest hits could very well be Korean. In fact, because of the recent success of Korean dramas abroad, you can find many Korean actors and actresses tapped as endorsers, gracing billboards and TV screens and promoting international brands. World class Korean companies are not one bit shy about challenging the rest of the world. Samsung, the nation’s largest company, is going head-to-head with Apple. In fact, Samsung beat Apple last year, taking a bigger bite of the smartphone market. And the trend doesn’t seem to be changing, if we go by the reported numbers of phone activations in the first quarter of this year. Economically, politically, socially and entertainment-wise—Korean is coming at you from all different angles. And each day, it’s coming at ever-increasing speeds. Korean is an obvious pick for a language to learn, and the time to learn is today.

Navigation Trans’ in-country translators have the necessary expertise to process any text and put it into the right cultural context. At all times we will demonstrate integrity, flexibility and creativity which exceed the expectations of the most discerning clients. To enable communication and empower relationships. And translations are carried out by native Korean linguistic expert who have related background experience of the target languages to ensure the best quality of translation of one’s project content.