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Gaming Localization

Many of those who play a game throughout the globe speak English and can play the English version, but they would likely be much happier playing it in their own language. Navigation Trans goal of localization is to create an enjoyable, non-confusing play experience for the end user by pa ying heed to their specific cultural context while being faithful to the source material. Although translating the Video Game text is a large part of localization, the process includes any changes made to a game, including altering art assets, creating new packaging and manuals, recording new audio, transforming hardware, cutting out whole portions of the game due to differing cultural sensitivities and/or local legal requirements, and even adding sections to replace cut content.

Navigation Trans offer a unique combination of resources, technology and expertise that ensures world-class quality at competitive rates. We offer a comprehensive suite of translation, localization and multimedia services to the gaming industry. We understand the importance of conveying every aspect of the gaming experience into multilingual marketplaces. This goes beyond accurate translation into the creation of authentic, culturally adapted gameplay by localizing game prompts, character voices, subtitles, websites and more.

  • Dedicated localization workflows

  • Terminology management and term bases

  • Quality assurance

  • Project Management

  • Real-time collaboration

The video game industry has for years expanded to a worldwide consumer market, but more than ever is also being developed and programmed worldwide. Chinese, Germany, Russian, Japan, and India among many other countries, often require video game localization in order to distribute and market video games programmed and developed by native companies. Japanese-English and English-Japanese translation for video games is also commonly requested by software and game developers. In order to keep up with a competitive market that is constantly advancing in technology, video game developers and programmers must be ready to have their video games translated for a global market. Statistics have shown repeatedly that when any website, software or video game is available in a consumer's native language, they are 4 to 5 times more likely to purchase, even if they speak English. The only way to maintain a competitive edge and establish a viable presence in today's video game market, is with video game translation and localization, and by using a professional translation service with strong experience in technical translation.

To get a free estimate on any game localization, simply use the menu on the left to send the texts that you need translated, or input the total word count. You'll be given an instant quote within seconds, which will also reveal the enormous advantage of low translation rates when you use our translation services. Video game translation can be very simple text or document translation, such as the case for many simple game applications for phones, or children's computer games. Or, it can mean an entire localized translation which includes all user manuals, dialogue, user interface, video game instructions, and more. Whether you need a general Chinese translation for video game dialogue, or Chinese translation and localization of all video game content, we can provide the best technical translation service possible, for the absolute lowest translation rates.

Because of our vast professional network of international translators includes many who have specialized skills in specific industries and areas of expertise, we are able to provide video game localization services for every major language language. We provide you with the most qualified, experienced technical translators who have skilled expertise not only in video game localization, but also software localization, iPhone app localization, and other kinds of information technology translation services. No matter how involved or complex your video game translation needs are, Tomedes can guarantee high quality, accurate and professional technical translation service, along with the added perk of offering the lowest translation costs from any top translation company.