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At first, translation means conversion of content from a source language to a target language. In reality, translation requires much more, including qualified in-country translators, defined processes for quality assurance, for proofreading and editing, and sound terminology management, meanwhile communication within the translation team (including the customers, linguistics, colleagues) and proper use of tools and technology.   All aspects of each progress is very essential in translation industry nowadays.

Our team services in 80 + languages. For every client, Navigation always build the right team for each end-client or account. We have the resources, knowledge, and technology to not only translate but also localize into the target language and social context. We also assembles a foreign language team comprised of highly experienced project managers, professional translators, editors, and proofreaders, and thoroughly check all our document translations for accuracy and fluency to ensure our work meets the highest quality standards. Our focus is on providing fast, economical translation services that build on robust translation methodologies, quality processes and a global network of qualified and trained native-speaker translators located in target countries.

Core translation and localization service we provide include:

Translation, Review/editing and proofreading

Translation memory creation and alignment

Style guide creation and maintenance

Terminology creation, management, validation
Linguistic assessment of existing source or translation assets
Multilingual desktop publishing

· Qualified translators – Our translators have passed our written tests and afterwards pass through our training process to work with the various CAT tools. Along with that each of them has the specific training required by the style guides for each account, which they are going to work with.

· Experienced editors - They have a proven background in translation and work fluently with the CAT tools our clients operate.

· Meticulous proofreaders - are the third step of our TEP process and it completely pays-off when it comes to the outcome of a quality translation.